Verified Diesel Emission Control in New York

Verified Diesel Emission Control in New York

Verified Diesel Emission Control in New York

What is a retrofit or to retrofit something? It is known as the addition of new technology or feature to an older system that may not have been available or accessible during the time of the initial manufacturing. Fuel-efficient vehicles tend to be more expensive because of the advance and efficient technology. As improvements in technology are made, prices rise.


Vehicles not only help us travel from place to place but also help deliver important goods. It is clear that they are a necessity. However, vehicle maintenance can be stressful. You should always strive for proper care and solutions for your vehicle needs. Choosing fuel-efficient diesel vehicles are not always an option or priority for everyone.


To help reduce harmful emissions and your carbon footprint, you can retrofit your vehicle with a diesel filter. The California ARB (Air Resources Board) and the U.S. EPA have created diesel retrofit verification programs as a means to thoroughly evaluate the particulate matter emission reduction capabilities and durability of a variety of diesel emission control technology. Verified Diesel Emission Control is a priority. These important claims need to be verified not only for the sake of the consumer but for the environment as well.


For the process, the applicant is responsible for providing data for the verification of emission reduction claims. The applicant is also responsible for the cost of laboratory testing and the annual warranty reporting for each individual product. Tests are also performed outside of the laboratory. What this process does is force the manufacturer to ensure the systems are compatible with various applications and engines in different conditions.


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