Verified Diesel Emission Control in California

Verified Diesel Emission Control in California

Verified Diesel Emission Control in California

What does it mean to retrofit? It is the addition(s) of new technology, component, or feature to an older system that was otherwise not available during the time of the initial manufacturing. Cars that are fuel efficient tend to be more expensive because of the effective technology that comes as standard with these vehicles. As the technology improves, prices rise.


Cars have become a necessity in our modern world for everyday living such as commuting to work and transporting goods from one location to another. Though maintenance of your vehicle can be stressful not only physically but financially as well, you should strive for the best solution for your vehicle needs. However, choosing these newer and more fuel-efficient diesel vehicles, to begin with, is not always a priority.


Retrofitting your vehicle with a diesel filter is a cost-effective method to make your vehicle produce little to no harmful emissions and help reduce your carbon footprint on the environment. The U.S. EPA and the California ARB (Air Resources Board) have created diesel retrofit verification programs. What is the importance of verification? It ensures that the emissions reductions are indeed real and durable. It also ensures that production units in the field are achieving emissions reductions that each company claims.


The applicant must provide data to verify emission reduction claims during the verification process. They must do rigorous laboratory testing results for which the applicant will bear the cost. Real world testing (tests performed outside of a laboratory setting) and results must also be included after being used over a specified period of time. The applicant is also responsible for annual warranty reporting for each product used. This process forces the manufacturer to ensure that these systems are set to be compatible with multiple engines and applications under multiple conditions.


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