Transport Refrigeration Unit Filter in New York

Transport Refrigeration Unit Filter in New York

Transport Refrigeration Unit Filter in New York

Diesel internal combustion engines mobile power refrigeration systems. This includes transport refrigeration units (TRUs). What do transport refrigeration units do? For food or other products that are perishable yet need to be transported, heating or cooling containers may be used. These products can be transported by road or by sea. The horsepower of these types of engines ranges from 9 to 36 horsepower. Though considered small, distribution centres and other facilities tend to have them clustered and running continuously. Thus, the result is a toxic air contaminant due to engine’s production of the diesel particulate matter, presenting potential health risks for the people that reside and work nearby.

Rypos Inc. is a provider of active diesel particulate filters for transportation refrigeration units. We also provide clip-on generations, verified by the California Air Resources Board. They are reliable, easy to install, and cost-effective. The CARB verified self-cleaning active filters are considered CARB compliant throughout the rest of its effective lifespan.

Thanks to the use of up-to-date technology, Rypos Inc. can deliver compliant filter solutions for the needs of your diesel exhaust emissions. Transport refrigeration unit filters are not dependent on operator interaction due to their design. If you are an owner or operator of a transport refrigeration unit and are travelling to the state of California, compliance with the CARB TRU ATCM is a requirement.

Rypos’ technology is innovating the future of clean air. How? Through intelligent emissions’ reduction solutions which have been built on the company’s electrically self-regenerating filters.


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