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In an effort to improve environmental air quality, federal and local governments have issued increasingly strict emissions legislation for diesel engines in recent years, impacting a wide range of industries. Whether your compliance is mandatory or your company is mindful of sustainability, Rypos offers specialized solutions to help you meet your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals.

We work closely with our customers to tailor solutions for reducing diesel emission levels in five key industries: power generation, port equipment, marine power generation and propulsion, transport refrigeration, and OEM & custom solutions. Our diesel particulate filters minimize the cost of compliance without negatively affecting engine performance.

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Rypos’ patented diesel engine emission control systems allow mobile or stationary engines to meet emission regulatory requirements for diesel particulate filtration. Our full range of active diesel particulate filters significantly reduces black carbon, smoke, and odor emissions in a variety of design configurations.

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Power generation with diesel genset

Whether there’s a possibility of loss of life or loss of data, you need dependable solutions. From improving air quality for hospitals and area residents to meeting regulations for a mission-critical data center, you can count on Rypos’ efficiency, design flexibility, and reliability.

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Transport refrigeration

Diesel TRUs keep perishable products cold as they are transported in trailers either over the road or intermodally. Our highly reliable exhaust filtration products reduce the emissions from their diesel internal combustion engines to compliant levels.

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Marine power generation and propulsion

Propulsion and power generation from marine vessels produce 21% of all black carbon emissions, impacting air quality around the world. Our diesel engine emission control systems eliminate up to 95% of diesel particulate matter, allowing marine vessels to achieve compliance.

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Port equipment

Diesel-powered rubber tire gantry crane (RTG) emissions affect the vitality of seaports and port-adjacent communities with effects spreading inland. Rypos manufactures the only CARB-verified diesel particulate filters (DPFs) that can bring older RTGs into compliance with today’s regulations.

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OEM and custom solutions

The diesel equipment market has a wide range of products for various applications. Our ability to engineer diesel engine emission control systems to any project’s specifications means that we can custom build a particulate filter system to meet the most stringent compliance regulations.

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Don’t retire your working diesel engines that fail emissions testing. Contact us today to find out how Rypos diesel particulate filters can help them meet compliance regulations and extend the life of your investment.